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Toddlers welcome


The academy program is designed to introduce young children to the wonderful sport of soccer.


open to girls and boys ages 3 to 5 years old


All trainers are college level players, we develop well balanced youth teams

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Our mission at Kick Start Soccer Academy is to encourage young people to enjoy playing fundamentally sound soccer. We provide athletes with a positive and safe environment that fosters a healthy lifestyle and a passion for athletics. All sessions prioritize individual ball skills and include focused games that allow players to put their new skills into practice while stressing the importance of teamwork. Our young athletes are encouraged to express themselves through soccer to build confidence and creativity both on the field and in life.



First Kicks Program Details

Toddlers girls and boys ages 3 to 5 years -Participants learn basic soccer skills while having fun and improving their balance, coordination and listening skills.

The program is designed to introduce young children to the wonderful sport of soccer. All sessions focus on individual ball skills and building a sense of teamwork. First Kicks uses interactive games and activities to apply newly acquired techniques. Each session is tailored to expose the young athlete to dribbling, passing and shooting. Once coaches feel players are ready - which may not occur until later in the program-  players are grouped into small, well balanced teams.  This is done to encourage each player to touch the ball and introduce a positive, competitive environment.


What we do

We keep it fun! Our Trainers have fun, so the kids have fun. We recognize it’s difficult to keep a child’s interest and that’s why our program is quick paced and diverse while remaining educational.

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how to play soccer

Playing within Organization and Structure. Children ages range from 3 to 5 and they thrive and succeed in our structured environment. Our youngest athletes know what to expect and therefore feel safe and have a better chance of picking up the skills taught

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Our ratios work. 6:1 kid to coach ratios. Each child always has their own soccer ball.

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Auburndale Soccer Club Beginning with only 20 children during our inaugural sason, we have grown to 150 young athletes We assisted and advised the club on how to grow their intramural program We have over 20 employees Main trainers are division 1 collegiate athletes, some continue to play semi-professionally

YMCA Our partnership began when we were approached to spearhead the soccer portion of the Bayside 2011 summer camp After an increase in demand and positive feedback through our success with the summer camp, our partnership grew to include spearheading their afterschool program .

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The highest professional soccer league in the U.S. is Major League Soccer (MLS), which began play in 1996. MLS initially fared poorly, leading to MLS folding two teams in 2002 for financial reasons. MLS has since rebounded, and grown to 19 teams today (16 in the United States and 3 in Canada) with further expansion planned. With an average attendance of over 18,000 per game, MLS has the third highest average attendance of any sports league in the U.S., and is the seventh highest attended professional soccer league worldwide. Soccer fans also follow the U.S. national teams, in particular the World Cup, which is held every four years. The World Cup has become increasingly popular with U.S. TV audiences, with the 2010 World Cup final game drawing 24 million American viewers. The men's national team has played in every World Cup since 1990, and the women's national team has won the World Cup twice.




  • Open Sundays
  • First Kicks
  • Spring 2014
  • SUNDAY MORNING 10am - 11am
  • Auburndale Soccer Club @ 73rd ave/ Cunningham Park Soccer Fields
  • No Drop offs
  • After School Program
  • YMCA
  • Monthly
  • 12:30pm - 2:30pm
  • Field Required
  • Team Activites
  • No Late Pickup

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VISIT OUR CAMPSITE SCHEDULE OR CALL US AT 1-617-817-2116 (Newcomers welcome at all dates)